Should I Upgrade to the iPhone XS Series? | sleon productions

If you have an iPhone X or 10, don’t upgrade. One of the main differences with the new phones is the camera.

iPhone X and iPhone XS have a dual 12-megapixel camera. But looks can be deceiving: there are actually a few significant differences in the detailed specs and image processing that make a big difference in the quality of the actual shots.

The iPhone X took great photos. The XS shots are even better.

A new HDR setting on the iPhone XS called Smart HDR helps retain more shadow and highlight detail in photos, according to Apple.

Also, the XS shoots with an extended dynamic range in videos up to 30fps.

When it comes to audio, the XS records in stereo

The iPhone XS is overall an incremental update over the iPhone X, so unless you’re on a yearly upgrade program, I wouldn’t recommend shelling out for a new iPhone XS just for the camera.

If you have an iPhone 6 or 7, I recommend to upgrade. These phones tend to get slower, battery life lessons, and apps don’t perform the best.

Even upgrading to an XR you’ll see significant upgrade.