2020 Tech Predictions

Here are a few of our tech predictions for 2022:

Continual growth in NFTs
NFTs or non fungible token, has surged in popularity throughout 2021. Almost every major celebrity has created a NFT for their followers to raise awareness, join a club, or an opportunity to make money later. We’ll continue to see more innovative ways being used in NFTs.

Bitcoin will reach $100K
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream by the day and the market cap is continually to grow. Record surges don’t happen every year, but there’s a possibility that BTC will reach $100K sooner than later. The highest price Bitcoin has ever been was $67K.

Apple to introduce their AR “Glasses”
Apple’s Augmented Reality glasses rumors has been strong in 2021 that we do believe 2022 could be the released. The headset is rumored to be similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest virtual reality headset, but with a sleeker design that uses fabrics and lightweight materials to ensure the headset is comfortable.

The Metaverse will expand
With Facebook going full force with the Metaverse, so will everyone else. Users will be purchasing virtual property and begin to make money by re-selling. There’ll be more than real estate, chess etc.