Best TV Antennas to Watch Sports & News

Many cord-cutters of cable television are finding alternative ways to watch television. Streaming platforms to simple YouTube content. But many are going back to traditional TV antennas.

In 1886, Henry Hertz made the first-ever wireless connection where a dipole antenna was used to produce the electrical current. In the early 1900s, another experiment was carried out by Marconi who initiated antennae transmission with wiring held by kites spanning a 200-meter span.

Here are a few options for your TV and content needs:

Televes​ DiNova Boss Mix​

The Best Outdoor & Attic Antenna. One of the most popular antennas in the world. Best when used when within 30 miles of towers.

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Channel Master​ FLATenna+

A great indoor antenna for those seeking a more sleek design and when within 10 miles of towers.

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Antennas Direct Clearstream 2Max TV Antenna

A great indoor antenna option for those who have the space and are within 60 miles of towers.

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