The Consumer Technology Association or CES introduced more new technologies expecially in the AI space for 2024.

Walmart announced a partnership with Microsoft that will power a range of new shopping experiences drawing on AI models from OpenAI to ” show you everything you might need” to finding ways to make sure shelves are never empty, whether in a Supercenter store or your refrigerator.

Rabbit’s R1, introduced a two hundred dollar handheld device aiming to change how users interact with apps, serving as an intermediary between smartphones and users. 

Carmakers Mercedes and Volkwagen both announced chatbots in their car.

Kia also unveiled a lineup with a fixed driver cab and interchangeable bodies, or “life modules” — allowing each vehicle to function as a taxi by day, delivery van by night, and RV on weekends.

Samsung showed off some foldable phone prototypes that bend further than models currently on the market.

And finally, LG showed off an eye-catching transparent TV that can act as a virtual fish tank.