Google IO 2019 Recap | sleon productions

The biggest interest was the new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, which are half the price of the Google Pixel 3, yet have the same camera specs.

Google IO 2019 also debuted with the Nest Hub Max smart speaker with a 10-inch screen and security camera.

Google IO debuted Android Q beta 3 – the 10th generation of the Android operating system, and along with it new features for phone and tablet users.

The Nest Hub Max was introduced, a new product with a camera and larger 10-inch display where you able to control your smart appliances.

Google Search now has Augmented Reality in its search results.

Google Lens is an increasingly useful party trick in Google’s App arsenal, using image recognition to deliver information based on what your camera is looking at.

Google Duplex is getting smarter, the Google Assistant service that could make calls and bookings on your behalf based on your requests. Ask Google Assistant to plan a trip, and it’ll begin filling in website forms such as reservation details, hire car bookings and more, on your behalf. It just awaits you to confirm the details it’s inputted.

Speech substitution
The events list for Google IO 2019 mentions Project Euphoria, which aims to leverage “Google technologies to give people with speech impairments their voice back.” This proved to be a new software suite and features coming to Android, powered by machine learning.