Google to begin reopening offices July 6, will let employees expense $1,000 for equipment while telecommuting

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees Tuesday that the search giant is targeting July 6 to reopen offices for workers that want to come back to in person. The return will be gradual, starting at about 10% building capacity, he said. The company aims to ramp up to 30% capacity by September.

For people who want to continue working from home, Pichai said the company will allow employees to expense up to $1,000 for equipment and furniture, such as standing desks or ergonomic chairs.

The discussion of remote-working policies underscores how the world’s largest tech companies are reevaluating their approach to business after the novel coronavirus forced unprecedented office shutdowns across the globe. Pichai had previously said most employees will work remotely for the rest of 2020.