How to change the main slider in Avada theme in WordPress?

Are you using the AVADA theme and want to use a different slider than the default Avada Slider? When you visit the front page back-end in WordPress, you try to change the slider in the Avada Builder and can’t find a way to change it to a different slider? Do you want to use Revolution Slider instead?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to Avada in the WP Dashboard
  2. On the upper right, go to “Avada Live”
  3. You’ll see your website live, with a top and left sidebar
  4. Go the options knobs icon next to Global Options
  5. Go to “Page Options”
  6. Go to Sliders
  7. Go to Slider Type and select Slider Type (Avada Slider, Revolution Slider)