Microsoft unveils dual-screen folding Android smartphone

Microsoft has revealed the design of the Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android folding phone, which can be opened down the middle like a book.

Two 14.2 centimetre displays can be unfolded to create a small tablet device, which uses Google’s Android instead of Microsoft Windows.

Both screens can run different apps simultaneously, allowing the user to make calls while running a note-taking app, for example.

A 360-degree hinge allows the screens to close together to form a protective case, or fold back to be use as a palm-held device.

The phone can be switched into landscape mode and used as keyboard and screen setup, like a laptop, or as a games controller.

Surface Earbuds, which appear to be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s AirPods, have flat discs on the outside of the earbuds will respond to gesture control, so the user can change the volume or pause audio by tapping the outer surface.

Pairs of Surface Earbuds will come with a case that charges them.

The Surface Duo and earbuds, will be available to buy in late 2020.

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