Record a Remote Interview Podcast | sleon productions

Many people have asked me, how do I record a remote interview podcast. Here’s how I do it it.

I use Ecamm to record and stream my podcast. Its only available for Mac. In Ecamm, you are able stream live to Restream, Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch, or to a custom streaming service. You can also just record offline.

Then you open up Skype, call the person, and ecamm grabs the feed seamless.

I would suggest to use a microphone, either the apple headphones which include a microphone or get a external usb microphone like the Blueyeti to record better sound.

If you stream, Ecamm will automatically record the stream.

If you just want the audio portion of the podcast, you can open up the video on Quicktime, and export it as audio. Then you can upload it to the podcast directory of choice.

Blue Yeti Microphone: