Samsung Galaxy Fold ISSUE | sleon productions

So these past couple of weeks, the Galaxy Fold was released to the media for review before the launch. But an issue came to appear online when their Galaxy Fold’s screen started to crack. The reason why, the reviewers were removing a screen protector, However, it’s actually part of what keeps the Fold working and should not be removed under any circumstances. Some of the screen breakage we’ve seen has been a result of that layer being peeled off.

Shortly after these reports started surfacing, a report came out claiming that Samsung was delaying the Galaxy Fold until at least some time in May.

The Galaxy Fold seemed like the next move for mobile phones. Samsung has been working on this for years, but seemed like the technology hasn’t been nailed down yet. Will people not peel the screen protector? Is there another alternative to the screen protector? Only time will tell.

If you are interested in getting the Galaxy Fold, its on sale with T-Mobile.