Start Time App for iOS | Time Logging App by sleon productions

In the rhythm of life, every tick of the clock holds a story. But how do we make every moment count?

Meet ‘Start Time’ – the simplest way to log, track, and optimize your time, right at your fingertips.

‘Start Time’ is designed for simplicity. With just a tap, begin logging any activity. And when you’re done, hit ‘Stop.’ It’s that easy.

Wherever you are, ‘Start Time’ knows. Our location detection feature automatically tags your logs, giving context to every second spent.

Keep your day in perspective with the ‘Log’ tab. Every task, every moment, neatly organized and easy to review.

With ‘Start Time,’ take the guesswork out of your day. Log, track, and optimize your time with a tap.

Ready to make every moment count? Start with ‘Start Time.’ Available now for iOS.