Top Best First-person Shooter Games Like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to play

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the best FPS game ever made. Developed and published by Valve, it is the 4th release in the series of Counter-Strike released for Xbox 360, PlayStation, PC, and Mac OS. Multiplayer is the primary mode that pits two teams against each other. The game starts with the name of two teams, such as Counter-Strike and the Terrorists, from which you have to declare your team to take yourself into the game to battle the opposing team. Lots of first-person shooter games are available over the Internet and mostly are fantastic, but CS: GO is strange, because of not having FPS, offering Multiplayer gameplay experience with prominent features, weaponry, and lots of items.

Lots of challenging missions are there for you to test your shooting skills. Before landing, ensure you have all legendary weapons which required to kill terrorist freely roaming over the world to invade people. After entering, you should consider main your focus in earning CS: GO US Dollar (In-game Currency) for unlocking additional weapons that surely boost your performance and chances of victory. There are thousands of hardcore players with dozens of legendary weapons and better profile ranking and they may be ready to help you out in stand up. You know, for average players, it’s quite challenging to approach high stages quickly, but there’s an opportunity for them to visit CS: GO Account Shop to have their favorite items and weapons.

Here’s a list of Some Best First-person Shooter Games Like CS: GO. Let’s explore it.


Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is offering similar gameplay to CS: GO, but introducing cartoonish graphics, instead of realistic. It presents a cast of thirty exciting characters, all are known as Heroes. Select one of your favorite one to jump into the detailed world where two teams will fight against each other for the title of champions. Players require to work together as a team to secure and defend control points over the map or try to escort a payload throughout the map within a time limit.

During the game, players would receive cosmetic rewards that don’t directly affect the gameplay, including:

  • Character Skins
  • Victory Poses

The best online-team-based gameplay puts in excellent FPS experience with several game modes, designed around team-based combat, where two teams of six players will fight against each other. There are dozens of pre-made characters available, and you should choose one of over plenty of pre-made characters from three different character classes on your Overwatch account.

Borderlands 2

The list is targeted to those players who are looking for some alternatives to CS: GO. Although they can visit the CS: GO Account Shop, where hardcore players have added their CS: GO Accounts for Sale. In terms of gameplay, Borderlands 2 is offering somehow similar gameplay to CS: GO, maybe graphics and story are different. It serves as the 2nd installment in the series of Borderlands, acting as the sequel to Borderlands released in 2009. It was introducing a campaign that comes with many central quests and optional challenging side-missions that require you choose one of four playable treasure seekers, also known as Vault Hunters. The main plot focuses on the said heroes, who are on their epic quest and looking for a new alien vault from Handsome Jack. The combination of RPG and FPS is fantastic and lets you find all the elements you’re looking for to have fun. Make interaction with NPCs to proceed with the story, and kill enemies using FPS to experience the hardcore gameplay.

Left 4 Dead 2

Have you ever imagined what you would do if you found yourself surrounding with blood-thirsty zombies? No, then ready for this because lots of undead people await you in Lead 4 Dead 2 game where you can’t live long without any survival skills. Although the game isn’t following the concept of a war-torn between Terrorists and Anti-terrorists teams, letting you experience the FPS gameplay with a horror twist. Set in a stimulating environment where you can make navigation from the first-person perspective and can use a set of weaponry to take on zombies who are venturing into the atmosphere for fresh blood.

It serves as the sequel to Left 4 Dead 2 and comes with five new campaigns, and each contains three to five smaller levels to complete. Making a career in this horror-filled gameplay isn’t quite easy, but the game has Single-player mode that lets you first learn and then play. Playing this game, you can improve your shooting skills and facing blood-thirsty creatures will make you strong enough to take stand against terrorists in CS: GO, where you can use legendary weapons to defeat them. Lots of expansive CS: GO Weapon Skins are also available that you can purchase for your gun to make it fresh.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The fourth title in the list is ready to entertain you with a perfect mix of Action-RPG, FPS, and Stealth elements. There’s only Single-player, and the game lacks the Multiplayer similar to CS: GO. But stealth elements make it awesome and fulfill cover the missing multiplayer aspects. The 4th installment in the series, letting you experience the incredible gameplay with a combination of all 4 mentioned popular genres. During the game, you deal with exploration and fight in the environment that attached to the central hub, known Prague, offering quests which grant you experience and lets you perform customization job to increase the abilities of your character.

Titanfall 2

Playing first-person shooter games are tough compared to other genres because in such games, you can’t see the protagonist, but explore the environment from the protagonist’s eyes. Continuously moving weapons, rotating climate, etc. sometimes are a headache. Created by Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall 2 is a sequel to 2014’s title, Titanfall. The game puts you in control of Titans, mech-style machines. The story follows the protagonist, named Jack Cooper, who is a rifleman from the Frontier Militia. There are both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, and the player can use a set of advanced weapons, including grappling hook for enhanced mobility.

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