2020 Tech Predictions | sleon productions

Here are our 2020 Tech predictions:

5G technology
5G is set to deliver the greatest wave of innovation since the advent of the internet. It will add trillions to the global economy with new products, services, and even new business models and industries. The impact this will have on our society will be unprecedented – from the explosion of different form factors of devices to the changes to how we view and receive data and the undoubted strides forward in cloud computing in the form of edge computing.

Crowdsourced delivery will increase
From Uber to Doordash, The gig economy has opened up a lot of out-of-the-box solutions to old, persistent problems. I think we’ll see that trend increase through 2020 and beyond.”

Instagram Shopping
Instagram has been quietly laying the groundwork to become an online shopping paradise.

One year after introducing Instagram Shopping, which lets businesses link to specific products, the company added Checkout, which lets you buy those products without leaving the app. The company still only lets a handful of brands participate in Checkout — insisting that it’s still “early days” — but the company has been clear that it sees shopping as one of its “big bets” for the future. 

Electric car prices will start to come down
With more all-electric and hybrid models coming from nearly every carmaker, expect to see prices start to level out. Prices are expected to drop since battery manufacturing is getting cheaper while energy density is going up.

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