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So many people have asked me. How did I come up with my company name sleon Productions? And of course a lot of you guys can figure that one out you know sleon comes from the first letter of my first name Santiago s and Leon because it’s my last name. But there‚Äôs a deeper meaning behind it. I come from a line of entrepreneurs, business owners and my grandparents had a clothing store in Cucuta Columbia and it was called Leonia. And actually the name came to be is when my grandparents were figuring out what to call the store. they asked my dad, and he was a small boy and he said out of nowhere, Leonia and they kept it they kept it. So they use the family name within the store name. sleon is different, people like it, it’s Unique some people do hate it, but I like it. I like it. I think it’s different I think it brings in a smoothness to it. It’s only two syllables. I don’t want to be too long. I want to be simple and really does well with my Twitter handle and with my Instagram handle so really happy about that. But yes, sleon Productions, 10 years, baby.

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