Apple announces Vision Pro, a “Spatial Computing” headset controlled with the user’s eyes, hands, and voice, coming to the US for $3,499+ in early 2024

Apple finally unveiled their VR glasses called Vision Pro at 2023 WWDC. It is a “Spatial Computing” headset controlled with just the eyes, hands, and voice.

The device features an all-new operating system that features a three dimensional interface.

Users can make apps any scale, and place apps wherever they wish.

Users use a combination of their eyes, hands, and voice to control the device. It uses eye tracking, and finger tapping and flicking to scroll or select.

The headset features passthrough video of a wearer’s eyes in a feature that Apple calls “EyeSight,” showing different feedback to surrounding people about what you are viewing inside the headset.

The top of the headset features a button and a Digital Crown. The sides of the headset feature audiopods. The headset’s battery is separate and links via a magnetic connection to the side of the headset.

Apple’s Vision Pro starts at $3,499 and it will be available early 2024.