Coronavirus Special #2 with Nam Kim, a US Citizen living in South Korea during the Pandemic

Nam Kim, a US citizen living in South Korea, and Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Hansei Church experienced the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in South Korea and now they’re on the way out.

Show Notes

  • Nam says Korea started to get their first cases of the Coronavirus in late January
  • Nam, was aware of the cases from China.
  • Nam, use to live in China for three years. He says during China’s New Year Celebration was start of the spread of the Coronavirus.
  • Nam says Korea never had a shutdown, many Koreans were wearing masks and going on with their daily lives but keeping a healthy distance between each other, and hand sanitizer is being used frequently.
  • Nam says Korea’s healthcare infrastructure is well placed
  • The Korean Government never told their citizens to wear masks because their own people are use to wearing it.
  • Nam thinks this coronavirus pandemic would be over once a vaccine is out.

Nam’s Contact info

Twitter: @shik_nam