Wear a Mask! A statement from a US Citizen living in South Korea

Nam Kim, an American Citizen living in South Korea, and Pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Hansei Church experiencing the coronavirus pandemic in the early days telling Americans to wear a mask to go on with their daily lives.


Get some masks, start wearing it. And my parents told me and everybody else told me, they’re already out. Nobody has masks in United States. That that was like beginning of February I believe, or end of January, something like that. And the thing is US does not have capability. They don’t have the power right now, to provide everyone with the mask. That’s why they start, started with the self quarintine kind of thing. But people really you need to wear masks if you want to live our life seriously, because you can only stay in your place. For for us, like a limited period of time. You cannot really stay at home all the time. If you want to go to church, if you want to go to theater, if you want to live a normal life, you need to start wearing masks. That’s the only way that we can still live up kind of normal life. During this pandemic.