Google Voice now in Google G-Suite

Google G-Suite has added Google Voice to it’s apps making a great addition to the Google Business suite world. Google Voice for Google Suite offers 3 pricing rates: Starts at Starter with $10/mo per user, Standard is at $20 per user, and Premier is at $30 per user.

Features of Google Voice, many retained from GrandCentral, include:

  • A single Google forwarding number to all of the user’s phones
  • Unlimited free calls and SMS within the U.S. and Canada, up to three hours in individual length.
  • Calling international phone numbers with rates starting at US$0.01 per minute
  • Call screening. Announcement of callers based on their number or by an automated identification request for blocked numbers
  • Listening in on someone’s recording of a voice message before taking a call (press 2 while answering, * to “pick up”)
  • Blocking calls from specified numbers
  • Blocking calls from numbers identified by Google as telemarketers
  • Send, receive, and store SMS/MMS online
  • Answering incoming calls on any configured phone
  • Call routing. Selection of phones that should ring based on calling number or time of day.
  • Ringing all of a user’s specified phones simultaneously, routing calls to the phone that is answered.
  • Voicemail transcripts. Reading of voicemail messages online
  • Listening to voicemail online/via app or from a phone call to your account
  • Notification of voicemail messages via email or SMS
  • Personalized greetings based on calling number
  • Forward or downloading of voicemails
  • Conference calling (press 5 when answering call)
  • Call recording and online archiving (press 4 while on a call)
  • Switching of phones during a call
  • Viewing the web inbox from a mobile device/phone
  • Customize preferences for contacts by group
  • Initiating and receiving calls via VoIP
  • Ability to change your number for a fee
  • Ability to port your mobile number for a fee
  • Specifying an existing phone number instead of the Google Voice number on initial setup for use with limited functionality, such as some voicemail functions and using the voice mail system for the user’s phone number (mobile devices only).

Starter is up to 10 users includes everything except Multi-level auto attendant, Desk phone support, eDiscovery for calls, voicemail, and SMS records, Advanced reporting, and Data regions.

G Suite is a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google Cloud, first launched on August 28, 2006 as Google Apps for Your Domain.

Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, as well as U.S. and international call termination[when defined as?] for Google Account customers in the U.S., and for G Suite customers in Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. The service was launched by Google on March 11, 2009, after the company had acquired the service GrandCentral.