How to buy Baby DOGE coin?

This is a quick step by step tutorial and how you can buy the new champion alt-coin Baby DOGE coin. Here are the steps:

  1. Downloading the Trust Wallet app
  2. Open the app and sign up.
  3. Buy Small Chain BNB coins as you need to trade them for Baby Dogecoin.
  4. Minimum is $50.
  5. Select Simplex
  6. Now put in your card details, it is recommended to use a debit card over a credit card as credit cards may charge more and will likely get denied.
  7. the money might not reflect immediately on your wallet.
  8. Go to your internet browser and go to
  9. Tap the three lines on the top left. Tap trade then exchange. Now let’s connect.
  10. Tap wallet connects.
  11. Then tap the trust wallets tap connects.
  12. Tap Max as I want to trade all the money that I put in
  13. Select currency
  14. Choose baby Doge imports
  15. Before you tap the swap button, Tap on the slippage tolerance. 12% is the recommended number for this. Tap x.
  16. Then we are ready to swap. Confirm swap then send.
  17. Go back to Trust Wallet App. Refresh by swiping down. There you go. Then Baby Dogecoin shows up