How to Stream or Multistream with simple equipment

What tools can you use if you work from home for whatever reason and want to stream. Here are some tools.

You can easily stream individually to whichever platform you want, but if you want to multi-stream to several platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope, is the best solution.. Restream is free, until you want to stream to a Facebook Page, where you will have to pay a monthly subscription.

If you want to interview multiple persons via a stream, I recommend using Ecamm or Zoom. Ecamm uses Skype to for you to call someone and interview, it integrates well with the most important Social Media platforms including

Zoom is the easiest approach for a live interview but its the most expensive. You’ll have to purchase the Pro account and then purchase the Video Webinar package.

And if you need simple equipment to have a good quality broadcast, I suggest getting one of the Blue Yeti microphones, the Logitech webcam, and spice things up: a webcam light stand. And if you want the cherry on top: the green screen for office chairs.



Webcam Light Stand

Webaround Green Screen

Logitech Webcam

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Blue Yeti Nano USB Mic

Blue Yeti Snowball

Lapel Microphone ­ Omnidirectional Mic – Black, 2-Pack

Lapel Mic USB