iPhone 13 Pro Unboxing

In this episode, Santiago Leon un-boxes Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro.

This is the un-boxing of the iPhone 13. So pretty simple no wrapping actually straight up with the box, some do the peel here very simple. Like I said no wrapping was to number one here’s the box shows the iPhone 13 iPhone the appeal both on both ends wow. Feels and looks bulletproof. But wow. way a little bit a little bit heavier actually feels a bit more heavier, more more sturdier. A solid feel to it. This is the iPhone 13 Pro 256 gigabytes. Definitely is different from the iPhone 11. And you see this I’m not sure what this is exactly might be a some type of sensor and buttons you get the same the the hybrid button and the volume button is the the SIM card tray and it’s turned on. The hardware definitely feels different. This the cameras look more standout. Comes with the USB-C lightning cable.

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