The New Years Message 2019 | sleon productions

Hello, Happy New Year, 2019 is here. Last year of the decade before 2020. Resolutions happenings, goals being made. But will you do it? This past year I paid off a big chunk of debt, gained new clients, and increased my Social Media Presence.

I increased my podcast production with the Sports Cast and Devotional Cast.

I posted a new video every week with content that correlates with my business. From tech, crypto and motivational videos.

What are the plans for 2019? More big stuff. We are planning to make the Sports Cast its own identity with its own website and podcast channel. And potentially an app in the works.

With our weekly videos, we increased our video service to our clients. We are now offering vlogging, informational videos and social media videos for your business.

Potential podcast studio and video studios for our clients to use? Maybe, stay tuned.

And my tech prediction for 2019, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Voice will be huge this year!

Thanks for your support, and lets make 2019 the biggest yet!