Senso PODS Wireless Earbuds REVIEW

The SENSO PODS Wireless Earbuds is an in-expensive option for bluetooth ear buds.

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It’s very compatible and easy to connect with your mobile device.

The SENSO PODS include two earbuds, a case, and a USB-C connection to charge them.

To pair with your mobile device, take out the earbuds, go to your device’s bluetooth settings and find “PODS PW-5” in the search results, and hit connect.

When they are connected, you have the ability to maneuver the play and pause function from your earbuds. You can answer calls, play music and activate voice assistant.

To play or pause, just tap once. To play the next or previous track you can double tap. You can also have volume control by tapping quickly three times in right or left earphone.

The SENOS PODS are really simple and an affordable option for wireless earbuds, rather than spending over $100. This device is just under 30 dollars.

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