Top Announcements of CES 2020

Here are the top announcements of CES 2020.

Sony Vision-S Concept

  • Sony Reveals Vision-S Concept, Stakes Claim to Be Part of the Electric-Car Future
  • The electronics company displayed its mastery of 360-degree in-car audio, connectivity, and sensor technology with a surprise prototype electric car.
  • It’s an EV equipped with 33 sensors—lidar, radar, and cameras—plus 360-degree immersive audio and a panoramic screen stretching across the front dashboard.
  • The point is to showcase Sony’s capability for in-car entertainment and cloud technologies inside a vehicle.
  • Sony made no suggestion that the car would go into production.
  • The all-wheel-drive concept sits on a newly developed EV platform that Sony says would be adaptable to coupe, sedan, and SUV body types. It is powered by a dual-motor system and weighs 5180 pounds. Sony’s specs estimate a zero-to-60-mph time of 4.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 149 mph. The company didn’t offer details about battery capacity or range.

Samsung Ballie
Samsung introduced Ballie, a small ball-shaped robot intended to help you around the house. Samsung says Ballie utilizes AI to be a security robot, a fitness assistant, a tool to help seniors connect with smart devices in their homes, and it can even be a friend to your kids and pets.

Quibi, the first streaming service designed exclusively for mobile devices, not the living room TV.

Quibi is using a new engineering technology it’s calling “Turnstyle,” which allows the viewer to move between portrait mode viewing and landscape viewing, seamlessly — and without any black bars to fill the rest of the screen when switching to landscape video.

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