Top Gifts for Christmas 2019

Here are our recommendations for this year’s holiday gifts.

Apple AirPods
AirPods are the best tech gadget out there. The days of untangling wires after pulling them out of your pocket are over.
Apple AirPods:
Apple AirPods Pro:

Amazon Smart Plug
The Amazon Smart Plug, you can tell Alexa to turn them on the second you walk in the door. You can also schedule the lights to come on when you want.

This little flying camera might blow your mind. It weighs only 2.8-ounces and comes with a carrying case so it can fit right into your purse or bag. It has an HD camera and comes with a 16-gigabyte micro SD card.

Bose Audio Sunglasses
They produce perfect-sounding music without going directly into your ear. The best part is that no one around you will be able to hear it, but you’ll be perfectly aware of your surroundings.

iPhone 11
The best phone with the best camera and battery life.