Twilio “Thanks for the message. Configure your number’s SMS URL to change this message” How to change auto-responder text message?

You started to use Twilio to create for your business or personal goals. But have you ever send a message to your new Twilio number and get a default message from Twilio like this:

Here are the steps to create your own custom message:

  1. Go to your Twilio Studio Flow Console
  2. Select your flow or create new flow
  3. Go to Messaging in the right side to Widget Library, then select/drag “Sending Messaging” to “Incoming Message”
  4. Customize your message that the user will see when they text you
  5. Hit “Publish”
  6. Then go to your Twilio Console
  7. Select the phone number associated to the texting feature
  8. Scroll down to the Messaging section
  9. Go to “A Message Comes In”, select Studio Flow, then the flow you created
  10. Click Save in the widget form, then click Publish at the top of your flow to make your changes public.

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