ZOOM Meeting vs ZOOM Webinar

Many of you are using Zoom lately and you notice that there is a Webinar plan that is one plan up from regular Zoom meeting.

Zoom meetings are ideal for hosting more interactive sessions where you’ll want to have lots of audience participation or break your session into smaller groups.

Webinars are like a virtual auditorium, they are ideal for large audiences or events that are open to the public. It also features view-only attendees

In Zoom meeting the host is the only who can control the muting and unmuting, and the screen sharing. In Zoom Webinar you are able to have panelists who are able to share their screens and are able to act like a host.

In Zoom meeting you can have up to 1000 attendees but in Zoom Webinar you are able to have up to 10,000 participants.

One of the key features for Zoom Webinar is you are able to have a custom registration page to your webinar and collect an email list whenever someone registers. So when you have your next Zoom event, you are able to send out a email blast to your corresponding email campaign platform to remind everyone for the next Webinar event. Also in Zoom Webinar registration, there is a email reminder feature, so if anyone forgets, Zoom is there to remind.

Zoom Webinars is perfect to replace in-person events that have a keynote.

Zoom Webinar is an extra $40 dollars on top of having one of the paid Zoom Meeting Plans. The lowest Zoom meeting plan price is $14.99/mo.