CLIP: WordCamp Miami 2020 Preview

WorkCamp Miami has a start point, so we have on Friday, February 28th. We have two workshops that are full day workshops and those are $25 for each workshop, you can only take one of course because they are a full day and one is the beginners of WordPress beginners one on one. So if you don’t know WordPress or you’re kind of like not really skilled, you don’t feel confident, you can go there and take the WordPress beginner now there’s also a developer workshop for developers. And that’s for people who are looking to get better at what they do. So they know WordPress, but they want to get behind and play with a little bit more. That’s there as well. So now the actual main event starts on Saturday, February 29th. So that’s a full day event. And it continues on Sunday. It starts early in the morning, that weekend is $50.

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WordCamp Miami 2020, Feb. 28th – March 1st.