Great Headsets for Zoom or Streaming

Many of you think the best microphone to is a standalone cool radio mic like a Blue Yeti for Zoom or streaming a cast. But there’s an easier and simple way to do it: HEADSETS.

We didn’t realize it until one of our clients purchased one because it was simple for him and having a all-in-one device: headphones and mic. If get just a mic, you’ll need a earpiece to listen. So why not buy something that is all-in-one? Most gamers use it to stream. And the audio quality is as good, and many sports casters use it!

Here’s a list of headsets that we recommend that has a good mic with great audio quality and a good ear piece so you can listen clearly:

Kegia USB Headset

Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset

Wantek USB Headset