iPhone 11 Unboxing | sleon productions

What’s up, guys? Welcome to the unboxing of the iPhone 11 just got mine. 250GB. Really comes in the Black Box rather than the white box. First time. I see that I’m not sure of last year’s model was similar . Lets peal this off.

Real easy real easy. Lets open this sucker. there you have it, iPhone 11.
Lets peal this off.

First thing you notice is the camera, the bulkiness of the camera. Last year’s model was just two and now you have three. Material in the back is different than usual has kind of blurry-ish material, but it’s nice it’s got the green.

So let’s look inside the box. We got the fast supercharger. That Apple is providing.
I hear its really super fast
headphones with the lightning jack if you guys use that instead of the Air pods.

And you have the lightning Port which has a USB C connection.
It’ll make the charge faster, I believe. There you have it.

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