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Dr. Jason Baca is an author and speaker and launching “Let’s Make Some Sales” a webinar designed to help small business owners grow their business.

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Santiago Leon 0:09
Hello, Hello, this is the sling on productions podcast where we interview authors, speakers, influencers, business owners, people that bring value that will that will help you out and what is best for your, for your future business for your future goals and things like that. Today I have a special guest a person I met 10 years ago in college. Yes, it’s been 10 years. And he’s been we’ve been friends since we knew each other in person for two years, and we’ve been seeing off and on. He comes down to Florida, I’ve been up in Virginia Beach. And but it’s great to be in contact in today’s world of technology. Dr. Jason bokka, or Dr. J. Like the column He’s the author of the book, The automatic sales formula, the simple proven, I’ve set formula to creating more consistent, predictable and reliable sales and your business. He’s a university professor in Graduate School of Business, TEDx speaker, sales and marketing coach for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to run a business they’re passionate about, that brings them joy, ultimately give them them the freedom a business is supposed to give you in the first place. Dr. Jason Baka, welcome to this lean on productions podcast.

Jason Baca 1:37
Thank you for having me, man. I’m super, super excited to be here.

Santiago Leon 1:41
So tell us Jason, Dr. Baka. What is the main idea or big concept of your book the automatic sales formula.

Jason Baca 1:49
Yeah, so the automatic sales formula. So it’s a book that I’ve written that basically creates a simple step by step formula for creating more consistent, predictable and reliable sales in your business. A lot of times with entrepreneurs, you know, starting off, it can get really stressful, it can get really overwhelming, you can be trying to do all of the things all of the time. And that is one of the biggest roadblocks I see for entrepreneurs and why they burn out so quickly. In a lot of the coaching and consulting, I do stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out because they’re not following a simple, proven process. They’re trying to do all of the things all at once. And so the whole point of the book, The automatic sales formula is not only to to be able to create a simple formula that you can implement into your business to create more consistent sales in your business so that ultimately you can live the life of freedom that you want your business to give you. But also to just completely strip away all of the stress and all of the overwhelm and just getting piled on by all the things that being an entrepreneur will bring you and just take you step by step, there’s only five steps in the formula step by step by step by step, you only have to focus on one step at a time. And when you finish that you go to the next one. And by the end of the formula, the of the five steps, you will be making more consistent, predictable, reliable sales in your business and moving toward freedom in your business, which I believe a business is supposed to give you in the first place.

Santiago Leon 3:21
sales. I know things have changed in the past 2030 years, Jason has sales change, compared to it was 20 years ago.

Jason Baca 3:30
For me personally, in my opinion, no. Because ultimately sales all revolves around the same thing which is people right people us who we have problems that need to be solved or we have desires that need to be fulfilled. And so you know, look throughout all history all time that’s ultimately what business is no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of either solving someone’s problem or fulfilling a desire of some sort. And that is what people like human beings us are willing to give money for. right we’re I will give you money if you take care of this problem for me or I will give you money if you help me get this thing that I really want in my life. So yes, the the ways that we go about it like the mediums positioning messaging, like being contemporary in in our language, all of that changes over time. But ultimately, like making a sale is the same as it always has been somebody giving you money or currency in some form in exchange for you providing some sort of a product or service that is going to help them get what they want in life.

Santiago Leon 4:38
A lot of people today are starting businesses especially is really really easy right now you know you launch a Facebook page or or you start a club house. If someone wants to launch a run their own business, where do you suggest they start?

Jason Baca 4:56
I would suggest you start with the first step of the automatic sales force. Milla that’s kind of the whole point. So let me break down the formula for you real quickly. So step one is your, what I call your who, your target audience, you’re your niche, whatever lingo you want to use for that. It’s your who it’s your person, your ideal client, and customer. Step two is your offer. Once you know exactly who your your client, your customer is, then you build out your offer, what is that irresistible offer that they absolutely want, and they they absolutely will pay for and give you money for, then it’s your sales process. Now you need some sort of a process to facilitate getting your ideal clients and customers to that offer that you’ve created, right? Step four, is what I call your marketing. Now, marketing is kind of a catch all term these days, that can mean anything to anybody. So when I say marketing in the book, what I mean is really scaling, right, like throwing gas on the fire, like, okay, we’re cooking with gas now. Because now you know who your target audience is, now you’ve got an offer, you know, that they’re buying, you’ve created a sales process to facilitate those offers and those purchases. Now you you throw fuel on the fire, and you really scale, whether it’s advertising of any kind, or however it is that you promote your business. And then finally, Step five is your team. So that is you’re building your team to take over a lot of the steps of all of the processes that you’ve created. In order to reach your ideal client and customer, get your offer in front of them, facilitate them through a streamlined sales process, through the marketing, and then of course, having your team so that is the automatic sales formula, add in itself or as a whole. So as far as starting off, I would say start off with your who. Now let me tell you why this is important. Why you should not go to step two or Step three, or Step four, Step five, before one, you have to do step one, because ultimately, everything in your business no matter what business you’re in, every single business comes back to your who everything will flow out of your who your offer your sales process, your marketing, building your team who you hire, like how you position yourself in your marketplace. All of that is based on who you’re who is. So yeah, if somebody is just starting off, I would say you absolutely number one, just go with the first step of the automatic sales formula. And just really hone in on your who,

Santiago Leon 7:24
how did you pin this down? How did you pin this formula?

Jason Baca 7:29
Through 15 years of being a serial entrepreneurial, an entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneurial failure? I mean, I’ve I’ve tried so many businesses, my first business that I tried to run, I was 21 years old, a friend of mine and I we purchased a quiznos franchise, which ended up being a huge mistake. We were 21 year old, you know, owners of this business franchise huge mistake like we didn’t know what we were doing. Were in were in over our heads up. And as you know, quiznos is not even around anymore really, it was a bad business model to begin with, which I would know now if I if I, you know, if I had if I knew now what I knew, then I would have seen everything. quiznos was putting forward No offense to quiznos. But and I’d say this is a bad deal. So anyway, from tons and tons of failures over the years, tons and tons of study, write conferences, courses, seminars, and then now doing my own client, coaching and consulting for business owners and entrepreneurs, getting involved in their businesses, helping them grow, helping them scale, all of that over the last 15 years. I decided I said, Okay, if I were to take everything that I know, and everything that I’ve learned, and everything I’ve experienced, and I was going to start all over from scratch, and I had to make it as simple as possible. Like that whole thing, like, explain it to me, like I’m five, right. And I had to go back in time to former Dr. Jay, you know, former Jason, and explain, hey, this is how you need to do it. step one, step two, step three. Basically, that’s what you have in the automatic sales formula is, even if you’ve already started it, step one, step two, step three. And it’s it’s logical. I mean, if you just follow the sequence, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, it is the way the implemented formula for your business to create more consistent, predictable and reliable sales, and ultimately, sales that you can keep coming in automatically. That’s the automatic part of it, without you needing to be a part of every single step of the process.

Santiago Leon 9:35
They say riches is riches are in the niches. How does someone figure out their niche and who is their ideal customer? Yeah.

Jason Baca 9:46
So this is probably one of the biggest questions that early stage entrepreneurs have. This is one that I had when I was trying to figure out like, okay, where do I fit in? Where do I start my business like who would I even be serving or helping Who would even want to pay me money for something that I do? Or no? There are a ton of ways that you can approach this question. For me, the simplest way is to think of it like a triangle. Okay, so at the top of the triangle, remember, come back to human nature, what do people give you money for? They will give you money to solve a problem, or satisfy a desire. So that’s at the top of the triangle. So the question is, what problem can you solve? Or what desire Do you satisfy? And it doesn’t have to be super complicated. I know, I used to beat myself up a lot saying, I’m not good at anything, I don’t solve any problems. And one of the problems with that is that we often are the last people to recognize our own gifts. Right? We are that we are sometimes we are blind to how it is that we help people. And so what you have to do is figure that out. And I’ll show you by the other two points of the triangle, how to figure that out. So the other point of the triangle is what are you already helping people out with right now for free? So what are what are people coming to you for advice for? Let me give you an example. Because again, this works for any business. One of my friends, she helps people book their Disney vacations, right? She worked at Disney World for like years, she’s worked for Disney for years. She’s been to Disney World, and Disneyland like hundreds of times. She is an expert on Disney. And she loves it. And basically what she does for her business is families that are planning a Disney vacation of some sort. She helps them out, she helps them go to all the right spots. She tells you all the stuff that you can avoid. She tells you stuff that’s worth buying stuff that’s not worth buying, what are the best restaurants, not just what are the best hotels to stay in? But like, which room exactly should you call the front desk and request because that is going to give you the best experience. So she satisfies a problem or satisfies a desire, which is people want to have an enjoyable vacation with their family. So because she’s such a Disney expert, people had been coming to her for years asking her just friends, people at church, whatever, just come in here and ask her like, Hey, what’s your advice? Or hey, what should we know? And eventually, she said, Hmm, I keep getting these same questions over and over, let me just go ahead and start a blog. And she did and to help people solve those problems. And then the last little bit of the triangle, I’ll keep using my friend as a example is what do you already enjoy helping people with for free, because that’s a huge part of it, that a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs Don’t think about your business at some point may start to consume your life. And you want to get out of that as fast as possible. That’s why we have the automatic sales formula to free you from having to get trapped in all of that. But it really helps if you actually enjoy what you’re doing. So my friend, she just loves Disney. She’s just like all about Disney. She’s all in on it. And she loves helping people for free to solve these problems. And now, of course, she’s completed the triangle. And she’s running a successful business just helping people book their Disney vacation. So that’s the question for you and for your business is what problem do you solve? What desire Do you satisfy? And for more help on that the other two ends of the triangle? What do you already like doing for free? So over here is what do you already like doing for free? So you know that you enjoy it? And what are people already consistently coming to you for free to get advice or to your services. So therefore you kind of have like a verified market. Right? If a lot of people are asking you over and over and over and you like doing it and you’re legitimately solving problems and fulfilling desires, then you have everything you need to get started in launching a business that basically that solves step one of the automatic sales formula and you can move on to step two.

Santiago Leon 13:48
Yeah, you nailed down a few points that I listened because I listened to a lot of podcasts out there entrepreneurship and your list like almost all the points they you know definitely touch on you know one one interview has one point than the other but yeah solving the problem which service you see a lot of people coming back to and also you know offering something for free at first I think it always bring someone brings like the foot and the like the own door a little bit so it’s a very beneficial with all that. Jason Why does so many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with sales and not wanting to be the sales Why? Yeah, like to be salesy selling. Yeah. And sales. Yeah. Well,

Jason Baca 14:35
this is something that I struggled with. It’s not unique. By the way, if you struggle with that, if you struggle with I don’t want to be like sleazy or slimy or salesy or you say like, I really love helping people for free. But then when it’s time to transition to like, okay, now I need to sell them a package or a product or a service or something. If you really struggle with that. Allow me Yeah, allow me to help you out for a second. Okay. So I used to struggle with this too. Nobody likes to be sold. Right? I hate to feel that way. My wife Kelly and I 1011 years ago when we went on our honeymoon when we got married, we went to this this resort thing and they tried to they sold us on a timeshare, right and we got roped into this, we were just kids back then we didn’t know what we’re doing. And yeah, and the whole experience was like, I really felt like I needed a shower afterwards. It just, it was just the most breezy salesy, like fake put on kind of thing. And I remember that day vividly. Because now that I’m in business as well. That’s like something I keep coming back to, like, I never want to make someone feel like that feel like they they need a shower after doing business with me, like, you know, I don’t ever want to make someone feel like that. So let me tell you how you can not make someone feel like that. And yet still create sales, how you can sell honestly and effectively without ever being sleazy, slimy, or salesy, let me tell you, number one, is you have to view selling, pitching an offer. As you’re just offering help. That’s all you’re doing. When you say, you’re helping somebody for free, let’s say you’re a you’re a coach of some sort, like a fitness coach, okay, you’ve been helping them for free, you’re talking to them about their diet plan, etc. And then you’re ultimately need at some point to transition to Okay, here’s my six week program, you know, and this is how much it costs, etc. If that’s the part you struggle with, you have to just remember that your six week program is what is going to help them. Right, that’s what’s going to help them you’ve determined through talking to them, that’s going to help them like it’s going to help them so when your offer like hey, this is my packages in my program, etc. You’re just offering help. That’s it. And the person can say no, if they don’t, if they don’t want to take it or whatever. But obviously, you have to legitimately believe that it’s going to help them right. That’s kind of part of this, like, you have to legitimately believe that what it is you’re offering your product or service can actually help people, ideally, because you’ve already proven that, because people you’re already helping people with that. But that’s all it is. And people are free to say no. In fact, most people will, most people will say no, some of the circles I run in the businesses on online business, like to get a 1% conversion rate. That means 1% of people who see your offer actually say yes and take you up on it is like crushing it. You know, like in certain industries, that’s like, Man, you’re doing awesome, because and that means 99% of the people that you offered your product to said, No, they don’t want it. But that’s the thing. You don’t need 99% of people to say yes, you just need a certain group of people to say yes, and all of those other 99 that said, No, you don’t have to feel bad that you were trying to sell them anything, you’re just offering help. And they didn’t want it, they didn’t want to take you up on your program, or they didn’t want to buy your thing off Amazon or whatever business you’re in doesn’t matter. So I think when you start to see selling, as I’m just offering help for you to take the next step in, in the problem I’m helping you solve or the desire, I’m helping you satisfy, then it takes a lot of the burden off of feeling gross are slimy, because I’m just offering you help. If you legitimately in your heart believe this is going to help them then why would you not want to tell them about it? And again, if they say no, don’t take it personally don’t get don’t take it get your feelings hurt. There’s a million reasons why somebody would say no. In fact, most people will say no, but you don’t have to feel bad about offering help to somebody who you think legitimately could use to help

Santiago Leon 18:42
people talk a whole lot about mindset these days. millionaire mindset is probably the number one that I hear a lot. Are there any necessary mindsets, Jason, you think people need to have if they are going to be successful in launching exit cessful business?

Jason Baca 19:02
Yeah. So yeah, I hear a lot about mindset, a lot of the circles I run in, in business coaching, entrepreneurial mindset, mindset mindset, which is good. It is true. Like it’s true. A lot of the stuff starts with mindset, I would say one of the biggest things that I see most people that I work with, and even that I’ve seen in my own life, one of the big hang ups, as far as mindset is concerned, is not really understanding and not really owning your role as the CEO of your business. Because a lot of people that you know, even like me to this day, are solopreneurs, right? Just like you Santiago solopreneurs. Like you’re responsible for all the things and you’re really, really good. Let’s just use you as a perfect example. You’re really, really good at what you do, right? The tech stuff, the web development, creating clients and customers online, like you’re really really good at what you’re doing. You do For other people, so whether you’re a hairstylist or you’re like my friend who helps people with Disney vacations, whatever business you’re in, chances are, you’re wearing two hats. Number one is the thing you’re really good at, you’re a video editor, or you’re a dog trainer, or whatever it is that you’re really good at. And then number two, is you are the CEO of your business, aka the Rainmaker of your business, you are the person who is responsible for keeping that cash register machine ringing, and keeping those sales coming in, and keeping those sales flowing in so that you can grow and scale your business. And I think that half like that half of the brain is what gets neglected the most people get so caught up, this is what I used to do get so caught up in delivering the product and the service and helping the people being a pro at what you do that you forget that you not only are responsible to deliver a product and service that really help people, you are responsible for keeping clients and customers coming through the door. And so it’s when you make that mental shift of like, I’m not just the person who’s good at this thing, I’m the person who needs to be good at making it rain, and keeping the sales coming in and start devote time and attention, effort, energy education, in the getting that going, then that frees you up to be able to do the thing that you love doing. Because there’s nothing more stressful than trying to run a business where you’re trying to get clients and customers in the door or in the chair or whatever. And you know, you can help them but you, but you can’t help them because they’re not coming in the door. So making that shift and really owning your role as a CEO, as the Rainmaker of your business, I think is what really, it’s what opened my eyes. And a lot of the people that I do coaching with it opens their eyes and and realize you’re not just the guy or the girl who’s really good at what you do. You’re the CEO of a company, and there’s only one job a CEO has make sales, keep it ringing, create those consistent, predictable and reliable sales, so that the pros who’s also you can do what they do best to serve the customers,

Santiago Leon 22:13
making the money. That’s the end of the day and of the game, the name of the game of the situation there for any business. And I’ve been it’s funny because I was googling mindset books. And I found some good the names like the growth mindset, the outward mindset. So there was more than the millionaire mindset, which is might be like the best one. But yeah, you know, it depends who you ask. You got a free five day challenge coming up soon. Jason, can you tell us a little bit about that? And how can we be a part of it?

Jason Baca 22:50
Yeah, so actually coming up on March 29, which is just not not too far from now at all. March 29, at 1pm, Eastern Standard Time, for five days, we’re running a free five day, let’s make some sales challenge. It’s a free challenge. It’s completely live on Facebook, and a special Facebook group we’ve created specifically for this challenge. And it really is for business owners and entrepreneurs who need to have a breakout year in business right now in 2021. Not just want to, that’s good enough. If that’s you, that’s great. But that really this is for the business owners and entrepreneurs who are in a spot right now where they need to have a breakout year in business. So over the five days of the free challenge, we are going to be busting through some barriers that have been holding you and your business back for far too long. To create sales, we’re going to be implementing some simple proven strategies, including the automatic sales formula, which I’ve talked about, into your business right away, to create more consistent, predictable and reliable sales. And ultimately, the goal is within those five days to get you crossing over from where you are now in your business, probably feeling stuck, feeling frustrated, feeling like you’ve hit a wall, crossing over to where you want to be in business, which is running a business you’re passionate about that brings you joy that you’re excited to do every day. And that ultimately brings you freedom, freedom in your time, freedom in your finances, freedom to focus on what is most important to your lot in life. And it’s the type of freedom that I believe a business is supposed to give you in the first place. I’m a huge believer that the business you run should not take away all of your time and take away all of your energy and take away all of your finances. Right? There may be little seasons where you got to double down and go hard. But ultimately the whole point of a business is that it gives you time and it gives you freedom and it gives you finances right so if you’re running a business right now, that is not giving you time giving you energy, filling up your tank, giving you finances and giving you freedom, then that’s something you need To fix right away,

Unknown Speaker 25:00
otherwise, why

Jason Baca 25:02
run a business like is way too overwhelming and stressful and hard to run a business, if you’re not getting the benefit of a business, which is freedom. So if you are looking for freedom in your business, then come join us for the five days, starting March 29, it’s going to be live on Facebook, all you have to do is go to let’s make some sales.com. Let’s make some sales.com get registered completely for free jump in the Facebook group, we go live March 29. And we are going to be setting ourselves up to have a breakout year in business right now. 2021

Santiago Leon 25:36
automatic sales formula Jason vaca. Also, you said the website, lead gales, let’s make some sales calm.

Jason Baca 25:46
That’s the challenge. By the way, let’s make some sales.

Santiago Leon 25:49
That’s it. And also what is what is the social media channels that people can find you add to get to know you and your business.

Jason Baca 25:58
So on Facebook, I’m Dr. Jason Baka. And then the group that we’ve created for this challenge, the easiest way to do it is honestly just go to the website, let’s make some sales calm. As soon as you opt in, it just asks for your first name and your email. And it’ll I’ll send you an email as soon as you’re registered. And you’ll get a link to the group to go to, to join us for the challenge starting March 29. So you can check us out on Facebook, or just go to let’s make some sales calm. Wow, this

Santiago Leon 26:27
is very good. I think obviously, everyone’s trying to sell. Some people don’t have a structure just like you were saying about your friend at the Olive Garden. And he didn’t have a cell structure. And so people just women are like winging it. I mean, and tracking things going. But this is very good. This is very good stuff, too, just to learn for small business owners, especially. But, Jason, any last final words before we hit Bon voyage?

Jason Baca 26:58
Yeah, I would say. Sometimes what you need is not just another strategy or tactic, you just need a little bit of hope. You need to know that this is possible. So for all of those business owners and entrepreneurs out there, if that’s you, and you’re in a place where you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed and stressed out trying to do all the things, I would say, there’s hope for you. Absolutely, you can bust through those walls, absolutely. You can create a business that you’re passionate about that you enjoy doing, that you’re excited about. And that ultimately brings real value to the people that you help when you solve their problems and help them satisfy desires. And so it’s part of being successful in business is stripping away all of the stuff that you don’t need to be worried about right now. And just focus on the single thing that you do need to be worried about right now. And there is a process to business building, there is it does not matter what business you’re in the hair care business, the travel business, the tech business, what they all have in common is business. It’s all the same and just like there’s a process to build a house, like you start with the blueprints, then you lay the foundation, then you frame the house and do the plumbing, like there’s a process right the you don’t need to be worried about what color we’re going to paint the walls like we’ll get to that later. Like right now we need to just start with step one. That’s why I’ve created the automatic sales formula to strip away all of the things that you don’t need to be worried about right now. And just taken it step by step super, super simple. It’s what we’re going over in the challenge on March 29 at let’s make some sales comm check it out. But if you’re ready for a breakout year in business, I want to tell you it is possible completely possible. You might have to stop doing a whole bunch of stuff that you shouldn’t be doing right now that you need to do later. But it’s completely possible you just need to take it step by step and and have somebody help you walk through the steps which is what I do every day for business owners and entrepreneurs because I have been there trust me I have wasted so much time and so much energy and a lot of money chasing down things that I didn’t have any business chasing down I didn’t need to be focused on that at the time. So if that’s you come join us March 29. Let’s make some sales calm. And let’s let’s have a breakout year in business.

Santiago Leon 29:17
Make sure you guys check it out. Let’s make some sales calm. You guys probably need it. You’re thinking about it twice really easy. I did the sign up already is smooth is

Unknown Speaker 29:27
Santiago’s gonna be there. So

Santiago Leon 29:30
I wouldn’t be there. You know, it’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be good. join the Facebook group. And it’s really easy. It’s online. You don’t have to drive to a hotel conference room. It’s all online, so nothing too difficult there. Well, Jason Baka I really appreciate you coming on to the slam productions podcast.

Jason Baca 29:46
Yeah, thank you for having me, man. I appreciate all of the all of the love all of the vibes and yeah, man, I’m just praying for you and God continue to bless your business and bless all those within earshot of us right now.

Santiago Leon 29:58
Let’s go cowboys.

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