Melissa “Rogo” Rogozinki – RPC Strategies | Ep. 65, sleon productions Podcast

The podcast features an interview with Melissa Roginsky Brzezinski, Founder and President of RPC Strategies, a legal marketing and sales consulting company. She has an extensive background in law and legal technology. Melissa started as a litigation paralegal and later transitioned to sales with a legal technology company, gaining experience in networking and cross-selling. She became a serial entrepreneur and started the ESI Round Table, providing educational programs and discovery classes.

During her journey, Melissa faced personal challenges with her mother’s illness and her own health issues, which led her to shut down the Round Table temporarily. However, she relaunched RPC Strategies in 2019 due to the demand from law firms and tech vendors seeking her marketing expertise.

Melissa’s company focuses on providing marketing and sales consulting services for legal technology vendors. They emphasize building organic relationships and leveraging analytics to drive sales. Melissa is a LinkedIn influencer in her field, finding the platform an excellent source for thought leadership and knowledge-sharing.

The podcast also touches upon the risks and legal issues surrounding AI technology, such as Chat GPT, which is currently facing lawsuits related to data privacy and defamation.

Overall, Melissa’s entrepreneurial journey, combined with her expertise in legal marketing and sales, has made her a prominent figure in the legal technology industry.

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