Twitter Blue: Undo tweets, add NFT profile images, and declutter threads

Twitter Blue is the platform’s first and only subscription service that gives users access to additional features for a monthly fee. First launched in June 2021, the service has recently added features like verified NFT profile photos and longer video uploads, creating a bit of buzz among those looking to take their tweeting experience to a new level.

Reviews of Twitter Blue have been mixed. Some love the tools that allow for a better reading experience on the app, while others are firmly against Twitter hiding app improvement behind a paywall.

The Twitter Blue sign-up page is a bit hidden, but once you find the correct page, signing up is as easy as entering your payment information. Twitter Blue costs $2.99 per month in the United States. Prices elsewhere can vary but are very close to the U.S. figure.

Undo Tweet isn’t exactly the edit button that Twitter users have been begging for over the years. It’s more like a proofreading pane that gives you a second chance to read your tweet and confirm you want to send it.

The company had earlier hinted toward its plans to more fully embrace NFTs, which has become a big topic of conversation on the platform. Many crypto-enthusiasts have also already set their profile picture to a photo of their NFT, as Twitter had not yet offered any official means of authenticating with a user’s crypto wallet and verifying ownership.