Best Microphones for under $100

Many people want to produce podcasts, videos and live streams for their content or followers. And one of the most important in a production is audio and having good audio is having a good microphone. If you are under a budget, here are some microphones that cost below $100.

Blue Snowball Microphone

The Blue Yeti microphone lineup has been one of our favorites and the Blue Snowball was one of our first microphones we used and is the first in our list. Get it here.

Fifine Metal Condenser Microphone

Amazon recommends this microphone a lot, and having a condenser microphone will have a radio type of sound. Get it here.

Blue Yeti Nano

This is another microphone from the Blue Yeti family, and its a great microphone despite it’s height. This is as good as the regular Blue Yeti, it’s just smaller. Get it here.

Amazonbasics Desktop Mini Condenser Mic

And of course, we have to recommend an Amazonbasics product, the Amazonbasics Desktop Mini Condenser Mic. Its a condenser mic, so it’ll have reliable sound, and has a interesting design to pick up your voice. Get it here.


The importance of having great audio is important in your productions in either video or audio. Its the first investment you should make before lighting and cameras. And of course, you can go with the headset route, which is easier because it includes all in one with mic, headphones, and plug/play.