BMW i Vision Dee, L’Oréal HAPTA & Brow Magic, & Roku TV | CES 2023

This year’s CES 2023 had a lot of good technology and some color-changing cars. Here are some of the main highlights of the event

BMW announced their i Vision Dee which allows drivers to customize their physical vehicle digitally from 32 colors and patterns. It uses the E Ink to quickly switch between or combine 32 colors and will be available in 2025.

Volkswagen unveiled the ID.7 EV sedan with its “smart camouflage” which uses unique technology and multi-layered paintwork to create light effects on parts of the vehicle and the vehicle is electric.

L’Oréal, the makeup company unveiled the HAPTA, the first handheld, ultra-precise computerized makeup applicator, is designed to advance the beauty needs of people with limited hand and arm mobility. L’Oréal also unveiled Brow Magic, the first at-home electronic eyebrow makeup applicator that provides users with bespoke brows in seconds.

And finally, Roku unveiled its own TV set. They will have eleven different versions in both HD and 4K and are priced from $120 to $1000. The new Roku Select and Plus Series TVs will come with either the standard Roku Voice Remote or the Voice Remote Pro, and some models will include advanced technologies such as local-dimming LED backlights, too.

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