Google unveils Gemini 1.5

Google has unveiled Gemini 1.5, the successor to its recently launched Gemini language model, aimed at revolutionizing AI capabilities. Gemini 1.5 boasts significant improvements, including a larger context window of 1 million tokens, enhancing its ability to handle larger queries and process more information at once. This feature is anticipated to be particularly beneficial for businesses, enabling tasks such as analyzing vast datasets or predicting movie reviews. Despite its impressive advancements, Gemini 1.5 will initially target business users and developers before a broader consumer rollout. Google emphasizes its commitment to enhancing AI technology amidst stiff competition from other players like OpenAI. CEO Sundar Pichai envisions a future where users seamlessly utilize AI experiences without being concerned about underlying technology, but acknowledges the current importance of technological advancements in shaping user experiences.