WordPress Simple Membership Plugin Troubleshooting when Content is Protected even after Logging in

Simple Membership Plugin is a WordPress membership plugin that protects your free and premium content from your WordPress site. You can protect your WordPress posts or pages only to members only. You can also protect parts of your content with additional add-ons.

Some of you who have already installed the Simple Membership Plugin might have issues with content still being protected after the user logs in. And sometimes the user logs in again to make sure it wasn’t the error, but the content is still protected.

The issue is most likely is concerning with the SSL certificate of your site. Sometimes your site doesn’t cache correctly with your SSL or HTTPS in your url. So there is a conflict of issue.

To resolve this, you must force your site to always you HTTPS. You can easily do this by installing another plugin, like Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL). Once installed, go to Settings > HTTPS Redirection. Then checkmark, “Enable automatic redirection to the ‘HTTPS’”. Select “The whole domain” in “Apply HTTPS redirection on”. Also checkmark “Force Resources to use HTTPS URL”.

Viola and that’s how you fix the problem. Go ahead and try it out. It should work.

Simple Membership plugin is a free plugin and its one of the best. The other membership plugins are paid yearly subscription, so this is one of the popular membership plugins.

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