WordPress Releases 5.5 Recap – Speed, Search, and Security with Justin Ahinon from WordPress Core

WordPress released WordPress 5.5. Three major aspects of the release were speed, search, and security. WordPress added lazy loading images feature to make your page load faster.

Justin Ahinon from the WordPress Core Team shares about the update, “When I load my website First, the image that are not visible at that time, Once loads, and it’s just when I’ll be scrolling the page and reach the point of these images, they will start loading.

Justin Ahinon

WordPress added Sitemap.XML to the core.

“That’s a very important feature for SEO engine or ranking like currently in search engines, as Google,” says Ahinon.

WordPress updated their security has given you the option to automatically update your plugins themes and future WordPress releases

Justin Ahinon says, “Five or six plug in on my website and there are some plugins that I trust I can decide to enact enable auto update for this particular plugin.”